Who We Are

Welcome to the best kept secret in skin care for over two decades. We honor your sense of self and enhance your unique beauty by offering the most advanced body and skin care as well as the finest selection of beauty products.

Our revitalizing and anti-aging services, offered in a very caring and peaceful environment, include individualized facials for all skin types, signature treatments, classic spa services and the latest in the art and science of skin care.

Consistently for over a decade we have been the first to offer the best in natural facial care from all over the world to the Bay Area.

Our warm and caring team of experts are ready to transcend your skin and body needs, so you look radiant, feel relaxed and glow with vitality.
“In earlier times, spas were places of healing, not just beauty care. I didn’t understand this until I went to Elizabeth years ago. Whenever I go there, I find that I come away glowing, but not just on the outside. Something about the salon is healing, and I return to my work with renewed health and vigor, as well as looking better. It’s kind of magic that I no longer question. All I know is that it works.”
Mary Fischer